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Flutist Patrick Trudell, Pat Trudell


Patrick Trudell is a flutist with a unique ability to capture a mood and express a song or melody.   It might be the expressive phrasing, an augmented melody, a counter melody, a harmony, an obbligato part, or the arrangement, but in the end, no melody is ever the same after Patrick is done with it. 
This is Patrick Trudell.  This is Wind & Whispers.

"I have always loved the many beautiful sounds that the flute can produce.  There are so many virtuoso flutist in the world that play amazing things, however my approach and style is different.  I love the pure beauty of the flute.  The range of sounds that the flute family can produce is vast; mellow, pretty, haunting, shrill, happy, sad.  And in many cases, these wonderful nuances can be lost in the flurry of notes.  So through the years, I have always found myself and my style gravitating towards those sounds and those moods.  A Mozart Concerto is amazing, but my Wind & Whispers is captivating."

Patrick plays in many different environments from a Jazz Club with a local Jazz ensemble on a Friday Night to one of several churches in town, or maybe a wedding or special event.  But regardless of the venue or the setting, his style is always unique and entertaining.
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