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Flutist and Composer

Christmas 2023

Christmas, my favorite time of the year, is finally upon us.  It is a wonderful season as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I look forward to family gatherings, fellowship, food, and music.  The season has so much great music.  I have my stack of Christmas CDs that I pull out each year and play them as I decorate, or cook, or relax, or just when I need music.

I invite you to listen to my Christmas CD's, which are a wonderful collection of mostly instrumental music that is perfect for Christmas.  Here is a big secret though; I have been told by many, that they listen all year long.  CD's can be purchased here on my website.  If you prefer streaming or downloading music, it is available on all the major music provider sites.  I have also created a Spotify Christmas Music playlist which contains some really nice Christmas Music from a variety of artists.

Musicians like myself rely on people and fans like you to spread the word about my music.  I now have a Review tab on my facebook page and I would like to invite you to click on the above link and leave a review.  And while you are on my page, please consider 'liking' my Facebook Page.  You can also subscribe to news from my Website, and Follow me on Spotify and YouTube.

All my music is available via download and streaming.   CDs are available for purchase here on my site.     

Flutist Patrick Trudell, Pat Trudell
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